About Me

Jen in Snow

My name is Jen and I live in Colorado with my Superhero hubby, Jeff, and our three neurotic cats. I've always been artistic and just a little left of center. I attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati for 8 years, where I carried a double major in Drama and Art. In the following years I tried my hand at a lot of different creative outlets but I never really found my comfort zone until I started painting.

Sometime in 2002, my hubby introduced me to painting pewter miniatures, and I have not been entirely normal since! What started out innocently enough with a small tacklebox of Folk Art craft paints and a handful of Golden Taklon brushes eventually swelled to over 300 bottles of RMS and Vallejo paints, multiple Kolinsky Sable brushes, several boxes of unpainted pewter, gads of basing materials, dremels, pliers, goggles and just about every other toy you can imagine. Before I knew it, I needed an entire room to contain my addiction!

In 2006 I started to compete.  Since then I've won a few awards, among them Gold and Silver Sophies from Reaper Cons, Gold in Masterclass and Best in Show twice at Ghengis Cons, Gold and Silver at Tacticon and an Honorable Mention from GenCon LA.   For a while winning trophies was a drive for me, but last year I found myself painting under pressure and starting to lose my love for the hobby.  Then a friend of mine asked me "If you're not enjoying yourself, why bother?". So now I'm kind of on hiatus and doing my own thing.  I will probably start competing again someday but for now I'm just doing what makes me happy and reaffirming why I started piddling around in the first place.

Why do I call myself Midnight Lurker you ask? Quite frankly it's because that is my normal waking cycle! I've been a night owl for as long as I can remember, and for the last several years I've been working graveyard shift. Plus I tend to haunt various bulletin boards, lurking and reading but rarely saying much. Midnight Lurker just seemed like a natural progression...