Amiryth Elmlighter
Painted April of 2008
Reaper Miniatures, DHL line #2711
Sculpted by Gael Gouman

This was one of the more frustrating pieces I've worked on.  I really liked the sculpt at first, there was something wistful and yearning about the green, but as the project wore on I wasn't happy with how it was turning out.  One problem after another soured my mood and it showed in my work.  I was starting to understand what my friend Jeremie meant when he told me to "paint what I love".  Honestly I'm surprised I actually finished it.  From the beginning I had intended for it to be a competition piece, but by the end I was so aggravated that I didn't want to enter it at all.  Somehow it managed to take Silver in the DHL small category at ReaperCon '08, but it's not one of my favorite pieces.  At least I learned my lesson.... if you don't really love the piece, don't try to paint it!