Basic Painting 101

February 2009, by Jen "Midnight Lurker" Kaufman

Most painters initially get into the hobby because they are starting to paint gaming miniatures, Then, sadly, for a few of us hobby becomes obsession. This is how it started for me. My intention with this tutorial is to lay the groundwork for more advanced techniques by introducing you to some of the basics. It is my hope that I can help some of you through the early stages and maybe prevent a little confusion and frustration for you.


Washing & Priming

Wet Pallets & Paint Rigs

A Word About Paint Consistencies

Brushes and Their Care


Dry Brushing

Final Sealing

I put together this hand out in hopes of giving beginner painters a framework from which to start, but please remember that I am just a paint junkie like the rest of you. My ideas and opinions are only one way to approach the given subjects. If you were to ask ten painters how to do a certain thing you would undoubtedly get ten different answers. In time you might find that you don't like the way that I do things, that you like the results you get by doing things differently. Awesome! Painting is a very personal thing. It is an artistic expression and hence very subjective. Don't allow yourself to be stifled by thinking that there is only one way to do something. Try to find a local group of painters and organize one night a week or a month when you all get together and just paint. It's great to watch what other people are doing, and they might just have something they could learn from you too!

Three final pieces of advice to you as you venture forth into the world of painting:

1: There is no substitute for practice and experience. You can take dozens of classes and read online tutorials until you go blind, but nothing will teach you more than actual hands on experimentation.

2: Paint what you Love. Jeremie Bonamant Teboul told me that. There is no point in painting a mini that you hate, If you don't really like it you will not do a good job on it and you are only wasting your time.

3: If you're not enjoying yourself, why bother? Mistakes are going to happen, that's just plain fact. So you made a mistake, big deal! You will do it better next time. Get over it and move onto the next section. Don't make the mistake of over obsessing about every little detail to the point of souring yourself on the entire process.