Will paint for pewter

I learned the hard way that I can't paint something unless I really like the figure. If you are interested in having me paint a mini for you I ask that you send me a picture of it or a link to a picture of it before I make any commitments. Once we are agreed you can send me a copy of the model or I can get it myself if you prefer. The cost of the model and any shipping charges will be added to the painting fees. I prefer to do all of my own prep and assembly so please send in your miniatures unaltered and in their original packaging.

Pricing varies based off of several factors. Starting rate is $100 for a standard 28 - 32 mm model with basic gravel, cork and flock basing, painted to display quality. Conversions, freehand and elaborate basing are extra, price to be determined on a case by case basis depending on just how fancy you are wanting to get. I might not be available to start right away so please don't wait until the last moment to ask.

I will need half the purchase price up front and any specific details you require must to be clearly communicated to me and agreed upon before work begins.  The second half of payment is due before I ship the finished piece.  I can send you occasional WIP photos as things progress if you like.  I don't mind making small tweaks here and there, but requesting significant changes in mid stream, i.e. color changes, conversions, etc., will incur additional time and hence will increase the price accordingly.

Once a piece is finished I will send you unaltered, detailed photos for your approval before shipping.  If at that time you decide you no longer want the mini I will refund your deposit and keep the mini.   I generally ship via USPS Priority Mail, but I can send it any way you like at your expense, with mandatory delivery confirmation.  I'm very careful with my packaging and so far nothing that I've mailed has arrived broken.  None the less I still recommend insurance, but that's your choice.

A finished piece is my intellectual, creative property.  You own the mini, I own the copyrights to the art.  I reserve the right to use photos of the piece, completed or in progress, in any way I see fit.  A completed piece is not to be entered into any competitions, used for publicity or any other commercial purpose without first getting my written permission. You may use my pictures of the mini to post on your website or in forums as long as I am credited as the painter.  Any other photos taken must also credit me as the painter.

Eventually someone always asks if I will paint to just tabletop quality for less money... Let me save you some time and just say upfront that the answer is "no". I've spent years trying to become a decent painter and I really prefer to do my very best on every single piece. Rushing through to do a "quickie" job is sloppy at best and cheapens something that I have grown to love.