A Word About Consistenices

When I first started painting I kept hearing people say "Thin your paints", but when I asked them how much they always said "it depends". Talk about frustration! I couldn't understand why no one could give me a solid answer. Eventually I realized why. The problem lies in the fact that how much water you need to add is dictated by how thick your paint is to begin with, and every brand of paint is different, not to mention thickness also varies within the same brand from one color to another! And complicating things even further, you want different consistencies for different phases of your paint job. The best way I have figured out how to explain consistencies is to compare them to something everyone is familiar with: milk.

There are different thicknesses in different types of milk; evaporated milk, whole milk, 2%, non-fat. Next time you pour a glass pay attention to how it flows. Or better yet, play around with it on your pallet. Get a feel for how it looks and flows and moves with your brush. Watch how it behaves. (This will be important later.) Typically more paint will come off of the brush at the point where you lift it off the mini at the end of your brush stroke, making a tiny little puddle. It's kinda like when you are sweeping the kitchen floor with a broom. You pull the stroke towards you along the floor and when you lift the broom up there is a pile of dirt left behind at the end of the stroke.