Dilean Softstep, Half Elf Rogue
Painted November of 2009
Reaper Miniatures, DHL line #3257
Sculpted by Tre Manor

While it's never my intention to be a temperamental artist, I frequently find myself stalled due to lack of overall "vision".  Since I like to remove my minis from the broccoli base and stamp their footprints into uncured green stuff on the proposed base I really need to know exactly how things should turn out before I can relax and begin painting.  If I can't see the whole scene in my mind I can't progress forward. 
That is what happened here...  The figure was sculpted by a guy that I am finding myself drawn to more and more often, and I was impatient to start on him, but was struggling with the environment.  I knew I wanted him in a cityscape, but couldn't figure out how to pull it off without making a tall brick wall as part of the background.  I didn't want to do that 'cause although it would give atmosphere to the scene it would also make it difficult to photograph the back side of the mini.  (Since Reaper has been so gracious to sponsor my silly paintjobs and I need to take their promotional needs into consideration!) 
I can't even remember how I finally chose the general environment.  Derek Schubert was a great help to me, coaching me on the sculpting of the rat nibbling an apple core and the spilled wine bottle.  And once again I need to give thanks to my composition mentor, Michael Proctor!  The majority of the scene was totally fleshed out and painted but I knew something was off.  He took one look at it and said "you need to add a sewer grate, right there, to help break it up a little.".  He was so right.  I was pretty nervous to take a dremel to a mostly completed miniature, but in the long run it paid off.

Thanks so much to everyone who has advised me.  Community means a lot!