Here's a few examples of my work.  There's not much here yet, 'cause I don't know how to take a good pic to save my life, but keep checking back.  Eventually I'll figure out how to use a camera and Photoshop...

Vermina, Rat Queen Vermina, Rat Queen

Thief of Hearts #3, Fallen Angel Thief of Hearts #3, Fallen Angel

Mockingbeast Mockingbeast

Mole Alchemist Mole Alchemist

Friar Stone Friar Stone, Traveling Monk

Callus Darklore Callus Darklore

Darksword Wild Elf, NSFW NSFW Wild Elf


Dilean Softstep Dilean

Pirate King and Queen Pirate Queen and Kingrate K & Q

Sascha Du Bois, Time Chaser Sascha Du Bois

Amiryth Elmlighter Amiryth   


Ghoul Queen