Ghoul Queen and Servants
Painted April of 2007
Reaper Miniatures, DHL line #3126
Sculpted by Werner Klocke

Like most people, I quickly got hooked on "Klockenbooty". The Ghoul Queen was the first piece I painted that actually placed in competition, earning me a Gold Sophie at ReaperCon '07.  I still remember the moment I found out, I thought I was going to pass out right there!  Much of the woodgrains on the round window are freehand, and the transparent stained glass was added to the original sculpt by gluing clear monofilament strands to the metal surface, spanning the openings with clear drying glue and then staining the "glass shards" with Windsor Newton inks.  I cast disc base myself out of dental plaster so I could carve out a hole in it for the grave site.  To me, it almost looks like the Queen just busted her flunkie "snacking on the clock" and is ordering him back to work!