Pirate King and Queen
Painted July of 2009
Reaper Miniatures, DHL line #3353
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson

I knew I wanted to paint these guys as soon as I saw them!  The raft was made from distressed coffee stirrer sticks, bound together with sewing thread and the base was made from a 4x4 inch chunk of scrap wood, which I dremeled out and painted to resemble the ocean floor.  The shark and the raft were then suspended using clear acrylic toothpicks before I poured the resin.  I took my inspiration from my snorkeling trips to the Bahamas.  
It took me a while to make it all come together, but I'm pretty happy with it.  The NMM on the King's sword was a bear for me, but I love the way the face on the Queen turned out.  My friend Michael Proctor gave me the idea to base them on a dock with the shark circling underneath.  Then I thought about the Jolly Roger the Queen was holding, and I took it a step further.  I found it amusing to think of them adrift, using the flag as the sail on their life raft.  Thanks Michael!!