Final Sealing

How you intend to use or display your minis has a great influence on how you should seal them. Minis that are going to see a lot of table top game play really need one layer of glossy spray varnish followed by a couple shots of Testor's Dull Coat to give them enough protection. If they will never be used for gaming and are primarily for display purposes, then a few light layers of Testor's Dull Coat will be just fine.

Application of sealers is done the same way as your primer. The golden rule is "less is more". If you don't have enough you can always do another coat, but once you've over glopped it, it's too late to fix it. Shake your spray can like there is no tomorrow. When a spray can of sealer sits for a while the chemicals settle in the bottom of the can and if not properly mixed it can actually come out frosted or even create white polka dots on the mini! Once you think you've shaken it enough, shake for another 3 or 4 minutes...  seriously. You've put so much effort into your paint job it would be silly to rush this final step and ruin hours of work.

Same as with the primer, you want to have on gloves, hold the spray about 14 inches from the mini, give the can a test spritz to clear the nozzle and begin and end your passes off to the side of the mini. Be really careful to make your layers thin, thin, thin! Especially when using a gloss coat, since it by it's very nature is so much thicker and heavier than Dull Coat. Let it dry completely between coats. Best to let it sit overnight to be on the safe side.